Friday, October 26, 2012

Saya Manusia.

"Be strong!" I told myself everyday.

But today, those words are meaningless.

Saya lemah.

Ampun dan Maaf yang sudah tiada makna..

Namun Ku Ungkap Jua.

Kerana tiada Kata Lain dapat menggambarkan

Betapa sesalnya saya dengan kata-kata saya.

Saya Minta Maaf.

Sigh.. again..

 I have doubts.

Whether I can keep this up.

I do not know.

Am I too insensitive?

I don't know.

Different people judge u differently.

Same person even judges u differently.

So how do u know?


It's tiring.

And I know it supposed to be tiring.

But how do u know when it has become TOO tiring..?

I thought I am much, much tougher.

I thought I can handle this no matter the route it takes.

But now, I don't know. Doubts.


It is too precious.

Too precious.

Worth an infinity..

But infinity tires u up..


God guide me please I am begging You.

Too much..

Too tired..

But still..

I am strong.

My heart is resolute.


May this ends well.