Friday, January 28, 2011

Me a Narcissist.

At one point, I must say that I am a little, well, not that big, narcissist.

Hey, who wouldnt love a guy such as me?

I'm smart, good looking, quick witted, funny, kind and considerate, and many more according to some people who describe me.

Thanks people.

This is definitely not a promotion.

Just me being a narcissist that I am.

Though I welcome kind words and love letters into my yahoo mailbox.


Oh yes, Thats not me people. Its a picture of a friend.

This may looks a little bit gay. Nah, its just a Bromance.

Despite his nabil-raja-lawak-look-alike, not-that-handsome looks, he's actually a mathematic genius.

And I miss his stupid theories about the world.

See, though I am a narcissist I still value my friends.

And their stupid theories.

But still, a more good looking picture of me, not him, can be found at my Facebook.


Sorry Bil, I was bored.


Dai said...

ini sangat terbaik

kash berimbun said...

Dai: Just a stupid joke. untuk bangbil. muahahaha

~HuSnA ZuBiR~ said...

stupid theories...?? :/

kash berimbun said...

Husna: X la stupid mana pun. saja sje. kalau nak tahu, tanya bangbil sendiri. banyak benda dia nak cerita. mak sure kau buat macam interested dulu. baru dia best cket cerita. hehe