Saturday, February 5, 2011

Persoalan agung Para Penyokong Manusia

do you really believe?

what these people are saying?

all those ideas about being honest?

being fair?

being less corrupted then the other guys?

Do you really believe them?

Those claiming to protect the race?

or Those claiming to protect religion?

or Those claiming to protect human rights?

or Those claiming to protect justice?

Do you?

Why do you believe in them?

Is it because you are desperate on believing something?

is it because of their ideas?

That you believe them?

What makes people turn a blind eye?

Or they just dont realise they've been blinded?

Or they purposely let themselves be blinded by others?

Just to have something to believe?

What do you know that makes u so sure that those who you believe are those who you actually believe?

Do you really think that you know the truth?

I believe in Islam.

but dont believe in people.

At the least, trying my best not to be blinded into blindly believing in people.

Let us pray that we would never be easily blinded.

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