Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lirik Lagu: The Chronology of After-Clash

Lagu ini menarik perhatian saya..
musiknya menyejukkan hati..
Dan liriknya bermakna..
Bagus untuk mereka yang baru lepas clash..
Dan nak tenangkan hati..
Disambil lagu2 nasyid..
dan zikir kepada Tuhan..
Dengar lagu ni sekali..
Title: Good Life
Singer: Francis Dunnery
Softly now..
You owe it to the world
And everyone knows that you're my favourite girl
But there's somethings in life that are not meant to be
I'm not meant for you and your not meant for me
Here's to our problems
And here's to our fights
Here's to our aching
And here's to you having a Good Life..
From Me..
Good Life..
Softer Now,
You owe it to yourself
And dont think that you will be left on the shelf
Cause there's someone for you and there's someone for me..
Like me you'll meet them eventually
Here's to your lover
And here's to my wife
Here's to your children and here's to you having a Good Life..
From me..
Good Life..
Baby Baby Baby Baby
Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby
Louder now,
You've lost all your pain
You're married with children and happy again
And now I'm regretting the move that I made
Fatal mistakes are so easily made
Enough of my problems they only cause fights
Forget that I rang you
And promise you'll have such a
Beautifully happy and painlessly romantic
Good Life
From Me
Good Life..
Fuh.. aman rasa hidup..

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