Thursday, March 10, 2011

A wounded man who sounds like a girl..

it still sucks..

wound that deep didnt heal as quick as i think

Shit, i sound like a girl..

Mochi cud use this to get back at me..


who cares..

Yup, the wound is still there..

Gamat is not helping..

Any kind of gamat..

not helping..


Dai said...

you used to say mochi also sound like a girl sometimes.

chill kash, mochi. =)

Hfz A. said...

i'll let it slide this time around.
next time no mercy la.

and take your time kash.
aku tau camne susah dia.

Anonymous said...

wounded.. kenapekah?
-angah cun-

kash berimbun said...

Dai: persaingan sehat xpe Dai. haha.
HfzA: Kalau aku mmg xde mercy lgsung dah.
Angah: Terhiris jari nak bukak tin makan kari segera Yeos